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CCC 6th Annual Family Picnic!

CCC 6th Annual Picnic!  Each year gets bigger and bigger!  We LOVE IT!  this year we introduced our teachers, did a family hand print tree, received balloon animals from Patti Altobelli an ate lots of yummy food! To see more pictures click on your child’s classroom name.


Caramel Apple Sales

THANK YOU to all our friends and family, we sold 487 apples and we had  a contest between teachers to see who could guess how many we have sold.  Miss Kayla came the closest and she won 5 apples!


Do you have questions?

If you have questions about our program, call us at 526-5777 and talk to Miss Beth or Miss Darci.  You may also find our Parent Handbook helpful.  You can find it on the sidebar.

It’s not too late to Enroll your child!

Our upstairs expansion has been open for a month now.  We have enrolled many new friends and families, and we hope to see more in the near future.

Our school-age friends come in to the classroom each day and think it is “Christmas” with all the new toys to play with!  We are all adjusting very nicely.

In addition to our downstairs program, which has 2 – 6 years old (Pre-kindergarten), our upstairs program is licensed for:

  • 8 Infants (6 weeks – 14 months)
  • 10 Toddlers (15 months – 23 months)
  • and 25 School Age (Kindergarten – 12 years old)

Give us a call to check on availability.


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